Our turkeys are raised much the same way as our chickens. We have a variety of heritage birds that are raised from one day old poults until the week of Thanksgiving.

We have them start in the safety of the brooder while they build their strength and develop their feathers. During this time, they live in a deep bed with fresh shavings daily allowing for an ultra-clean living condition. They have free access to an organic, GMO free grain and fresh water.

At six weeks of age, they are transitioned to a free range tractor system which allows them access to fresh grass, clover, and insects daily.

This year our processing date is two days before Thanksgiving, meaning the bird is fresh and never frozen. A turkey with all of these qualifications cannot even be purchased in a store!

We are anticipating birds that weight between 15 and 20 pounds! We are charging $5.49 per pound for these birds and accepting non-refundable deposits of $25 to hold yours! These tend to sell out, so please claim yours ASAP!