Land of Milk and Honey Farms

established in 2018

Well, this is a funny story. So Trevor is a Spine Surgeon/Fitness Junkie/Nutrition lover and Jaclyn is a retired dance teacher, lover of great food, and a full time mom. How did we possibly end up farming? The answer is we have 3 fantastic kids, Felix, Daphne and Maxim that we wanted to raise in the best possible environment we could find. We want them to be connected to food and nature in this basic and vital way. In addition to the three kids, we have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Rosie that is 100% pet and a member of the family.

We have 2 Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs (Maize and Blue) in training as well as four fantastic mouse patrol cats (T’Challa, Figaro, Selina Kyle, and Crookshanks).

We make quite the team! It has been a blast setting the farm up to this point and we are very excited for the future.