Beef Packages are available for those with limited space or appetite.

Sampler Pack-$200

1 Rump roast, 1 Sirloin roast, 4 T bone steaks, 2 lb Sirloin steak, 10 lb Ground Beef, 2 lb Short Ribs

Slow Cooker Pack-$65

2 lb Ground Beef, 2 lb Stew Meat, 1 Chuck roast, 1 Sirloin roast

Bulk Beef Packages $3.99/lb hanging weight (processing fees apply)

1/8 Beef is usually $308 and 2 small boxes, or enough to fill a regular sized refrigerator freezer. This package includes:

20 lb Ground Beef, 2.5 lbs Short Ribs, 1 3lb Rump roast, 3lb Strip or Ribeye steak (depending on cuts), 2 lb Sirloin or T bone steak (depending on cuts), 2.5 lb Sirloin roast, 2 lb Round steak, 3lb Stew Meat

Whole Cow, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 size Bundles all available. Please email to reserve your order. Beef is processed in Almena, WI at a USDA inspected and certified location. All meat is vacuum sealed for maximum freshness. Beef will be delivered frozen. We send beef to process in September with packages ready in October. Quantities are limited, please reserve your meat packages to ensure delivery.