Grass-fed Beef

We raise our beef on an intensely managed rotation of varied pastures. They enjoy a fresh selection of grasses and clovers daily moving away from yesterday’s waste.

This rotation mimics what is seen in nature. The buffalo moved daily from location to location, driven by predators and changing of seasons. This allowed the grasses to have plenty of time to recover and come back stronger and more diverse for the next season.

Not only does this benefit the land, as animals mow and fertilize each section, but it also greatly benefits the animals. A cow is healthiest when it can consume a variety of grasses and legumes allowing for a complete diet. Because they are tightly rotated, they must eat all of their dinner, including their vegetables!

The other benefit to them moving daily is the avoidance of pathogens. They leave their freshly fertilized field behind for 31 days. This disrupts pathogen cycles.

The cows also have free and total access to clean, fresh water and a selection of minerals to complete their diet. This results in healthy cows that are appropriately filled out and marbled as beef is supposed to be. Our cows eat grass their entire lives and are never finished with corn, soy, or other fillers. 100% grass fed and grass finished beef is the only kind we raise and sell.

Our beef is sold as whole beef, ½ beef, ¼ beef, and 1/8 beef sizes as well as single retail cuts such as roast or steak for those interested in trying a smaller amount. Please see the Beef Packages page for details.