Our chickens are a Cornish-cross breed. These chickens are born eaters!

We buy them as one day old chicks. At that stage, they are extremely fragile. Because of this, we place them in a brooder where their temperature can be closely managed. They receive free access to a chick starter feed. This grain is organic and GMO free. We use a deep bedding method of wood shavings added daily. This makes for a very clean living environment and very happy baby chickens.

At 4 weeks, they transition to an outdoor mobile chicken tractor, made famous by Joel Salatin. Our chicken tractors have an open end design which creates great airflow, access to sunlight, and protection from inclement weather. These are moved daily to a fresh paddock which allows for access to fresh grasses, clovers, and any unsuspecting bugs and grubs! In addition to this, they receive free access to an organic, non-GMO, soy free feed.

The benefits of this system are enormous for both the land and the animals! Each tractor covers 72 square feet and is grazed and intensely fertilized. This land will not be used again for one whole year and comes back even stronger and more bio diverse. In addition to this, the chickens grow to be large, clean, and beautiful birds. They live fantastic lives and get to act like a real bird!

The biggest difference in our birds from what you see in the supermarket is the make-up of the meat. A conventional and even an organic chicken are often vegetarian fed or at the very least consume soy. This is not natural. Chickens are omnivores and love a good protein snack as much as you and me. The only way you can guarantee vegetarian chicken is to put them in confinement!

The inflammatory effects of soy are becoming more and more apparent to us all. And the phrase, you are what you eat rings true here. Though research has not caught up to the realities of the soy effects, a chicken that consumes soy simply cannot be as healthy and beneficial to the human as one that does not.

Our chicken is sold as whole birds. The price for this is $4.99 per pound. Each bird weighs between three and five pounds. These can be parted out for an additional fee.