Raising our chickens for their eggs is just a blast. We have raised them from one day old chicks. They start their lives out in that same deep bedding brooder system we have set up for the meat chickens and the turkeys. There they have free access to organic, GMO free starter feed.

At four weeks we transition them to a life of luxury out on pasture. Well not exactly luxury as they are heavy workers on the farm. They are used in combination with our cows in the rotational, leader-follower model. They will follow the behind the cows and be in their previous paddock from two days prior. This is timed to allow the fly’s eggs to just be hatching and turning into delicious grubs. As they scratch through the cow manure to find these treats, they spread the manure around allowing for a more even spread of nutrients and a clean pasture; free of the next generation of flies and pests.

Oh, and the upside is they give use beautiful eggs with more nutrition in the form of protein and healthy fats than any eggs you can find in the store. It’s crazy to think that these delicious eggs are a side effect of an extremely efficient pest control and nutrient delivery system that all comes from just letting the chicken be a chicken.

They have free access to organic, non-GMO, no soy grain to round out their diet. At night, we close them up in a cozy, mobile chicken coop made famous by Joel Salatin known as “The Egg Mobile.”

As a rather unusual addition, these aren’t just any chickens. We selected a variety of breeds to give us a wide range of work habits and an even wider range of egg sizes and colors. Eggs can be purchased by the dozen for $5.99 from LOMAH directly. Please email info@landofmilkandhoneyfarms.com, call 612-801-7416 or send us a DM on Instagram @landofmilkandhoneyfarms to order.